Migrating data from FlashCard.app to Anki

Early on while learning Japanese, I started looking for flashcard Apps to memorize Hiragana, Katakana, and basic vocabulary. Because I am me, I wanted a simple and native iOS App for it. I landed on FlashCard.app and started adding many flashcards. After a while, I got frustrated with the lack of repeating memorization strategies and started using Anki.app.

FlashCard.app does not offer a real export feature, not interested in adding hundreds of flashcards again, I started digging with Proxyman on iOS.

Not a tutorial, just sharing the basic idea:

When FlashCard.app downloads new flashcards sets with the Discover feature, the data is transmitted using a .tsv response body. By sharing your flashcards using the classroom feature, you can download your cards again on a different device. Using Proxyman, you can then fish out your own sets as a .tsv data. After removing the meta-data lines, you can then import this data into Anki by configuring your fields to match with the data inside the .tsv.