Some Updates

It’s been a while…just a few updates of what happened in the few months.

After 6 years of living in our cozy Altbau flat in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, we moved to our own apartment in June. Even though it is is newly built, we still had to invest a lot of time getting small defects fixed by coordinating with construction companies. Selecting, ordering, and installing all the new furniture also took longer than expected. The global supply chain situation didn't help here. We just received our bed a week ago. Still, a mattress on the floor was surprisingly comfortable.

I also left my previous job after more than 4.5 years and joined Reddit as a Senior iOS Engineer in September. Working on a product that I have used daily for well over 10 years is exciting, especially with a team that is highly competent and welcoming.

Slowly things become more ordered and there are countless things I want to focus on more in my spare time: Continuing learning Japanese, finally shipping the long-promised Icro updates, finishing one of the few new Apps I started. Let's see what it will be.