• iOS App Analytics a Necessary Evil, or Maybe Just an Evil

    It almost hurts how true this is. I don’t use any tracking for my private Apps but I have to deal with it a lot in my day job.

  • Semantic Line Breaks

    This is something I try to do for my personal notes already. It’s great seeing it formalized like this.

  • Last weekend I had a BMW M140 as a rental. I really miss this ridiculous car.

  • Good luck to everyone trying to get WWDC ticket. May the odds be ever in your favor. Sadly I‘m not planning to go this year.

  • The Music App needs 1-N communication in a few places. I decided to go with this super lightweight reactive library I discovered. It’s very pleasant to use! RuiAAPeres/Receiver: Swift µframework implementing the Observer pattern 📡

  • I’m very happy with the progress of my music player. The scope is only offline playback and being able to import music from network drives or the Files.app. 6F391F98-7E6A-4721-83D0-2F878A8062BB.jpg

  • I started working on a new App, an offline first Music player on iOS. As always, I love to work on Apps that I want to use myself.

  • Wow, the performance increase is shocking, I should have done this way sooner.

  • I moved all my sites and services to it’s own VPS, finally away from the shared hosting.

  • Thank you all so much for the support through the Tip Jar! 😮