2018 Weekly #12

The latest Apple rumors indicate that the launch of the HomePod is coming closer. Over the time span from the announcement at WWDC 2017 until now, I completely lost interest in this product. This feeling is not only toward the HomePod itself but all tubular speaker voice assistants. I consider myself an early adopter but this product category is just not for me.


I had to switch my working setup again, as a light daily wrist pain emerged every evening. To prevent this in the past, I regularly switched back and forth from using the MacBook keyboard and trackpad to extended keyboard and a Logitech mouse. This no longer did the trick and I introduced a third variation to the mix.: the Magic Keyboard and the Apple Trackpad. So far I really like this setup as it further reduces the movement my wrists have to make. The pain vanished almost from one day to the other!


This weekend we assembled our new wardrobe. I used this opportunity to further declutter and get rid of loads of stuff. I constantly try to get rid of no longer needed belongings but I always hesitated to get rid of one unnecessary type of things: Old tech product boxes. This changed this weekended and I kicked out many old boxes for things I’m not planning to sell: Boxes for headphones, Apple Watch, wireless router…
This felt good and made some space in our cupboard!