2017 Weekly #8

It‘s Christmas. I‘m not religious but I still enjoy those holidays. Time to visit the family and eat a lot.

Rental cars

This time of the year also means a lot of driving. I love cars but it makes no sense for myself to own on in Berlin. Every time I need a car for a few days, I rent one from Sixt. It‘s like a small fun lottery, as you don‘t know what actual car you will get in the end. You just book a category from a big range of different car types. What car you will get in the end is not only determined by the chosen category but also availability, the salesperson behind the counter, if you are a regular customer... So far I was happy with every single car I got!


I fell into a London Grammar hole again this week. Their debut album is still my favorite but I listened to everything London Grammar this week.


This week I discovered the RSS reader lire for myself. It feels and behaves like a true iOS App and has a few very unique features like offline readability caching. I like it a lot.
Also, Brent Simmons is building another RSS reader for the Mac. Evergreen. I can‘t wait to use it when the Feedbin sync feature is finished.

Happy holidays.