• Don’t mind me, just testing my IndieAuth flow.

  • My first PR towards NetNewsWire just got merged. I love the App and the whole open-source project!

  • Finally, basic Markdown highlighting in the upcoming Icro beta.


  • MacBook Pro 16 Inch First Impressions

    I was lucky enough to receive a new 2019 MacBook Pro 16” from work as a replacement for my 2016 MacBook Pro 15” (featuring a broken E, G, CMD and, space key).

    First impressions:


    Love it. Initially, I didn’t hate the butterfly keys, but having unreliable keys changed this instantly. The new keyboard feels firmer and more precise than the Magic Keyboard and I hope it gets updated in the future as well. Big thumbs up for the inverted-T arrow keys. I don’t care about the return of the ESC key as caps-lock is my ESC for years now.


    I was expecting a bigger perceived difference, I only notice it in direct comparison.

    Size and weight

    Same deal as with the screen. I was afraid of the size and weight gain but it’s a non-issue. I still would like to see a 14” model in the future.

    I’m just so happy to be able to type again.

  • Waiting for The Incomparable Star Wars podcasts - A modern Christmas tradition

  • Hiroshima 6065A407-ABEA-46EF-AD8B-54CA955723E9.jpg C2735843-028A-4B73-9E15-76934B9D483F.jpg 7E18C462-01BC-47EF-8E8E-D07A76772494.jpg CEDA7F08-F750-417D-B5A4-3D1362BE139A.jpg

  • Tea ceremony (Kyoto), Naoshima DADAD925-78F5-4F4F-84AF-E922A7BD68C6.jpg B5892000-6C7A-4C24-B4DE-8FA4DBF72866.jpg 609EB5D8-0CD8-49F4-83A8-6461EAB07B50.jpg 459BE911-785D-4BE6-930E-D0474FB1E2A0.jpg

  • Kyoto 🍁 5A29DCAB-F9A3-4597-9EA3-A3720EC5C4C2.jpg C31A9E80-1387-4D7B-BC41-22CDA699503A.jpg 26180019-EF07-44C1-BC1C-21A631D2A2C1.jpg

  • I missed this place. Tokyo. E45DEA7D-7690-4530-A739-9FCA9A5BE5BE.jpg 7380BA68-54CE-4A4D-8213-A9D8808A3D34.jpg B980D5E7-DE52-4E56-9C39-75D7D9D91BFE.jpg

  • Lisbon B164FD21-9F41-448D-AFA8-5B6278E6ADF0.jpg 7F136DF9-E10D-4654-8589-908E94C24CD9.jpg 9D54AFAD-DAEE-43DD-A2EE-A74D197233AA.jpg

  • Icro 2.1 is now live on both App stores: Mac iOS

  • Double review! Finally managed to submit Icro for Mac as well. 10C95D39-F204-4404-A6FC-4CEE4C2D7106.jpg

  • Icro 2.1 with basic support for push notifications is now waiting for review!

  • Tate Modern - Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life BA25C59C-A949-4B6C-A981-72ABD8C410E5.jpg D8D53819-D7F9-4497-8932-634FFB7F183C.jpg

  • It seems like the experimental push support for Icro is working! I might be able to ship it with a few smaller adjustments. 4C5A3F17-B83C-4AF4-9D3F-C626058822B4.jpg