• I deleted the Youtube.app from all my devices. Too often I was just watching randomly recommended videos and not the videos I’m really interested in. I added all my subscriptions to my RSS reader and now download the videos I want to see directly with a Siri Shortcut.

  • Of course I already discovered issues in the build, but that’s what Betas are for…

  • I submitted the first TestFlight Beta for Icro 1.3 including the themes and the share extension. I hope it will be available for public testing early next week. Here is a screenshot of the dark gray theme:


  • iOS developers remember: Run you App in Christmas mode (Color blended layers) to spot easy scroll performance improvements.


  • For Icro 1.3 I’m working on a share sheet for text and URLs and themes (3 for now). I hope to ship it in January. C91BA583-B124-4F3E-B7B9-4C92A341C87C.jpg FCA3F88E-D417-4DEF-8D16-FB1BECE35286.jpg

  • Mast is a nice Mastodon client. I started using it yesterday and really enjoy it so far!

  • I started working on a sharing extension for Icro (links and text first). To prevent code duplication I’m moving a lot UI code into another framework. Not as easy as expected!

  • I just noticed I didn’t buy much tech stuff this year. My favorite is the used iPod from 2006 I bought on eBay. Even if the I would have bought the iPhone XS Max and new Apple Watch, the iPod would still be my favorite.

  • I wanted to learn Go but quickly noticed how much I miss real enums with associated values, generics and optionals on the language level. I’m now looking into Rust.

  • Icro 1.2 should be out soon!