• Unrelated feelings about the whole Hey situation:

    I have 0 interest in another proprietary E-Mail host/App.

    Own your domain and use public protocols.

    App Store guidelines need to be just and mutual beneficial. The playing field should be as even as possible.

    Side-loading of notarized Apps could drive new innovation on many areas.

    Apple, why are you fighting this battle now?

  • Remember me talking about using Xcode on the iPad? I have been coding like this the past week and really enjoy it. It’s macOS in a box! Good latency and retina resolution with Jump Desktop. A04B2194-048A-471B-8826-575594103295.jpg

  • I’m not sure how I missed the Rustlings repo when I was starting out with Rust. Just finished all the exercises, still fun to do later on!

  • I hope more companies reflect on their Facebook SDK usage and remove it. It always has been a tech and privacy concern, now the tech concern is very visible.

  • Let’s give this little guy more Ram. C33BACA4-073E-43F6-9D5D-A56C3944948A.jpg

  • I’m reintroducing the cell swipe-actions in the latest Icro beta. I use the iOS 13 long-press context menu wherever possible and overestimated the general adoption. I hope iOS 14 brings speed and discoverability improvements to the context menus to drive the adoption.

  • Oh no. I hadn’t considered that before getting into vim. 67801220-0B29-41F3-9341-0546697985DD.jpg

  • Icro 2.2 for iOS and macOS is now available in the App Stores. 8h from submission to release for both platforms. 🙌

  • The release of the Magic Keyboard and mouse pointer support really pushes iPad Apps forward. Context menus everywhere! 😍

  • In my full-time job, I’m working on a project that was started almost 12 years ago. I have no illusion that I would be able to compile and run this on Xcode for iPad. In my spare time, I’m building a pure SwiftUI App with a few external SwiftPM dependencies, no custom build scripts besides SwiftLint, no interface builder. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be great to work on this on the iPad.

  • I don’t understand the negative sentiment towards Xcode on iPad. Even comments like: “it will only be used by children to ship their first toy App”. Wouldn’t this be already a great achievement in itself?

  • After listening to a recent ATP, I finally installed Pi-hole on my Mac Mini Server. Having blocked ads without shady extensions is magic. Pi-hole

  • I declare Easter as my password hygiene holiday. Deleted 400 entries from my 1Password store!

  • My girlfriend recently got a Switch and Animal Crossing. She would love if someone comes by her island: Dodo Code L1TN0 It’s her second day only!

  • I finally finished rewriting my hacky Jekyll micropub endpoints in Rust. Now hosted for free on Heroku and GitHub pages.