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I missed that there was a new Unprofessional episode this year, still have great memories listening to it years ago. Unprofessional Podcast

Fell into a new rabbit hole about 3d printed model planes and cars just because of one channel: Tom Stanton Youtube

The App to post this landed on my homescreen. I should get started with the App icon.

It’s done. I migrated away from DEVONThink. Again.

I plan to use this like I used Twitter 10 years ago. Posting random thoughts and links. Let’s see!

I recently bought a Fuji X100V after shooting years on iPhones only. I almost couldn’t believe how good and fun this camera is. 4DC40DF5-CC45-4454-A7B6-E97D9EF55A16.jpg 174B94E5-B4CA-4D8C-990C-43988BEF08CD.jpg 0F3D22FA-4B55-46F0-AD30-D467978B67D8.jpg

I felt more and more uneasy about the Fastmail server locations. Just migrated everything over to for half the price. It took 30 minutes. Own your domain!

Thank you all so much for the kind words and congratulations! It means so much to us! 🎉😭🥳

I was lucky, she said "Yes"! 2D5D36D2-5F7A-4D3A-98CC-58D38A7ECF2A.jpg