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Please, someone convince me to not write a macOS Markdown editor

With more and more 3rd party Apps updating, I’m starting to love the Big Sur look a lot!

We got an icon!

So close!

By now, I wish I could just create my App icons in SwiftUI and not deal with 100 different sizes.

Just finished migrating my 1Password to a self-hosted Bitwarden installation. One less thing in the cloud. bitwarden_rs

Obligatory IFTTT testpost.

Reeder 5 looks great. I will give it a shot for a few weeks as my default RSS reader. I also migrated all my read-later articles to it.

After a decade of storing bookmarks in read-later services, Pinboard, DEVONThink I noticed something: Storing bookmarks in the browser works as well. 🤦‍♂️

Not sure how but I missed the introduction of GroupBox in SwiftUI. Everything is a card now! GroupBox documentation