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I’m spending less mindless time watching random videos on my phone nowadays. I think it’s related to the smaller screen of the Mini. I’m still watching Youtube videos, but only the ones from feeds I’m subscribed to using RSS. This happens always on the iPad.

I finally added basic docker compose support for my Twitter to RSS service. Time to host it on my Mini now as well. twitt_rss

My 11 Pro work phones feels huge! 100% satisfied with the 12 Mini choice so far.

Feels like I will finally find time to focus on my private Apps again. So much todo. Especially for Icro and iOS14.

The iPhone 12 Mini size is perfect!

A morning without watching CNN and map-guy. Weird.

It seems to be over. What an election.

Following the election for 24h now. Tired.

I‘m giving self-hosted RSS aggregators another try. Hosting on your local server using Docker compose is so simple these days. FreshRSS looks very promising and is supported by Reeder. FreshRSS