It’s the long Easter break here in Germany and I really needed those few days off from work. Before the pandemic, we always travelled when taking vacation. Being on the go and constantly in a new environment makes it easier for me to switch off work and mentally relax. It took a while to acknowledge that vacations are still needed, even though you are 24/7 in your “office”.


See…, in comparison to previous posts, I dropped the Gaming in front of the headline. I remembered I still had good SSDs built in a retired Mac Mini from 2012. I decided to extract it and also install it in the PC, as I wanted to set up a Linux/Dev environment without messing with the Windows/Bootloader installation. A dedicated second drive makes this just simpler. I have been interested in trying out elementary OS after reading about it from Orta. Installation was quick, setting up VS Code and the Rust environment was also easy enough. I’m still struggling with the text-editing shortcuts, especially on a Mac keyboard, but I will get used to it. Let’s see if and how I’m going to use this setup for actual productive tasks.


Many more micro-posts have been moved to the log. I slowly start experimenting with migrating this site, trying to keep all deep links and URLs in place.