The past week just flew by and really didn’t leave too much room for anything besides my jobby-job work. The DST-Change yesterday also doesn’t help to free up space in the day for side projects. Let’s start this better new week, public holidays ahead.

Gaming PC

I finished installing the last few missing bits and pieces. One case fan and dust filters were missing. It’s now fully complete, and I still have only played Rocket League on it. I hope to tackle some other games over the Easter-break. I’m also starting to monitor the prices for some higher-end graphics cards but no rush to upgrade.


I have this long-term plan to migrate this blog to Zola and maintain an extra place for my short, tweet-like posts. The extra place already exists at log and I started moving hundreds of old posts already over. Doing this split now should make the final migration of the full blog easier.


How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need by Bill Gates: This book lays out the hard facts about our current climate change situation and what technology and policies we need in order to avoid an even bigger catastrophe. I would have enjoyed this book more if it went deeper into the technological problems and solutions currently in development, but this would have lessened it’s mass-appeal. I would suggest not reading the comments for this book on Goodreads, it made me wonder if I read a totally different book.