Alright, #10 of the weekly posts. Another short one as I didn’t manage to finish a book this week.


The work on Loc continued. I was implementing an iOS 14 Widget and tried to submit the first TestFlight build. It got rejected due to unclear purpose and function of the App. Well, I guess it’s time for a small intro-video. I need to say, working with SwiftPM in such a small and controlled project is a delight. Splitting out modules to be used in other packages/targets is a matter of seconds.

Gaming PC

I guess driven by the pandemic, I’m spending more time playing video games again…who am I kidding, I’m just playing Rocket League. I started playing the game on my PS4 but transitioned to bootcamp on my MacBook Pro 16” for the quicker loading times, custom map support and better latency. The performance on the MacBook Pro isn’t really great and gets more flaky the hotter the machine get. For those reasons, I just ordered the parts to build a gaming PC from scratch! In an upcoming post, I want to write more about the build process, the parts and the games I’m interested in.