It’s time for another short one.


Almost all features I wanted for Loc, my privacy-focused location tracker, are now implemented. I already use it every day. Mainly to discover the days I went for a walk or bought groceries from the stores. Oh well… As it already has a badly designed App-Icon, I’m wondering if I should consider submitting it to the App Store, or just have it open-source.


Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick: I’m currently gravitating towards books focusing on the post-WW2-era, the cold-war, and its fallouts. This book about North Korea fits right in there. It leaves no space for illusions how life in this dictatorship looks like. Brutal and eye-opening. Full recommendation.


WandaVision remains the only new thing we are currently watching on TV. I’m sad that it will be over soon. As it’s available on Netflix, we started a re-watch of New Girl 🤷‍♂️