The past week I finished reading the 5th book this year. Without an exception, all of them have been audiobooks. For over a decade now I’m listening to a lot of audio content. It started with public radio shows and documentaries in the car or iTunes, followed by tech podcasts focused on Apple and their satellites (Build and Analyze, Hypercritical, You Look Nice Today). I still consume a ton of podcasts of their like but mainly for the people in it. For learning and knowledge, I more and more choose audiobooks. They are written and researched over years and can afford to go into great detail. An audiobook with a 30 hours playtime is no exception. I’m deleting podcast episodes left and right to give time for audiobooks. A handful of podcasts I never miss or delete is still left: Accidental Tech Podcast, The Unmade Podcast, BONANZA, Game Show! from the Incomparable, My Brother, My Brother And Me. No deeper meaning here, just an interesting change of behavior.


Arq 7 go released, reintroducing a new, fully native UI for macOS. Arq 6 used an Electron UI and was disliked by many people. Even though I never felt the need to complain about it, I’m still happy to see a new and shiny native UI for my backup tool of choice. 1

By accident, I stumbled over the early preview for Bear’s new Markdown editor: Panda. It looks incredibly promising. I still dream about having a great-looking and powerful markdown-editor with real-time formatting, working with plain text files, and note/attachment linking. The new version of Bear will most likely not be that but it’s still a huge step in the right direction.


I continued working on my local notification helper library. Soon, I should be able to start testing it in a real App. I hope to write a dedicated blog-post for it once it reaches 1.0.

A tiny other side-project popped up: Loc. A privacy-focused location tracker App. Using Apple’s startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges callbacks, this App will store the location with a timestamp in a local database. That’s it. No 3rd-party libraries, no trackers, no network requests. It’s a super early WIP but I already have a running version on my phone.


Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman by Richard Feynman: I enjoyed this book a lot. It has problematic paragraphs, especially reading it in 2021, but it gives great insights into a hugely interesting life of a brilliant man.


  1. I’m backing up all machines in the house to Backblaze B2 and a local, big disk attached to an always-on Mac Mini.