Does every post need an intro? I don’t think so.


It’s now almost half a year I migrated away from Alfred as my macOS launcher App. I was using Alfred continuously since 2012, it’s was usually the second App I installed on every Mac1. As my workflows and configuration grew over time, syncing2 the configuration and therefore using the App became less reliable. For such a fundamental tool, it only takes a few failures for you to lose trust in it. I tried slimming down my configuration, but since day 1, I needed to configure Alfred a lot to fit my needs, even though 99% of all actions are simple openings and file modifications. I revisited LaunchBar and it clicked right in place. Almost all of the default configurations work for me. I just needed to add a few text snippets I use daily, otherwise, there is nothing else to “sync” between Macs. It’s fast and solid as a rock. I no longer need to actively think about my App launcher!


I continued working on my local notification iOS Framework Nocally. I’m building it as a SwiftPM package and wanted to add a basic example app to the repo to start testing the first assumptions. The steps needed to achieve a similar result as CocoaPod’s development pods are kind of funny: Source I’m incredibly happy SwiftPM finally exists and can be used from inside Xcode. I’m also optimistic that it will become the default way to handle dependencies in Xcode projects. It just might take a little while longer until we reach that point.


No book finished this week but I started listening to “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman”. Almost halfway through, I should finish it just in time for next week’s post. I also started reading “A Philosophy of Software Design” by John Ousterhout. No opinion yet!


  1. The first App was 1Password, but this also changed. More on that in a different post 

  2. I was using iCloud Drive to sync the configuration file. Every few days, the file got deleted from the hard-drive and I needed to manually redownload it. I never figured out why. All Optimise Mac Storage toggles were disabled.