This week’s post will be a very short one. The last week just flew by, with busy times at work, the continuation of the lockdown, and the endless Berlin gray weather. At least now something changed, it snowed and it’s freezing cold.


I mentioned my ongoing refactoring efforts for a very old App of mine in the previous post. This work continued and I finally started tackling the biggest pain point this App has: Scheduling local notifications functioning as reminders. The native APIs to schedule those notifications are lacking capabilities and require custom workarounds, for example:

Schedule local notification 
to remind me every second day, 
at 19:00, 
starting from tomorrow

The current implementation offers many capabilities already but is not as robust and well-tested as I would like. Therefore, I started extracting and reimplementing this logic inside a SwiftPM packages. The code will be open-source here.


Agent Sonya by Ben MacIntyre: Another non-fictional spy story. This time about an agent working mainly before and during World War 2. Incredible, again!