I discovered r/wallstreetbets quite a while ago browsing through the suggested subreddits on Apollo and loosely followed it every since. Seeing their often funny/idiotic ideas play out this week wasn’t really on my 2021 short-list. Big financial news outlets reporting about stonks and tendies felt even more impossible. Let’s see in a week if the squeeze will haven been squozen.


I’m currently refactoring/modernising one of the very first Apps I ever built and shipped. Many code paths were untouched for almost 10 years. We rarely think about code of something that will exist in the current state / untouched for a decade. The code wasn’t beautiful / DRY / fully unit-tested but it continuously provided value for many users. Somewhere in here is an idea for a standalone blog post. 🤔

I’m reworking the whole UI layer in SwiftUI and just wanted to share two posts I enjoyed this week:


Even though I’m no longer reading Twitter using a native client (RSS all the way), the release of Tweetbot 6 got me excited. For me, Tweetbot in every version and era has been a prime example of how an iOS App should function/look and feel. The same is true for the 6th version. Beautiful!


The Spy and the Traitor by Ben MacIntyre: I never read fictional spy stories, but it’s hard to imagine they could be more thrilling than the real-life events depicted here.


We revisited Star Wars: The Force Awakens yesterday. Even though I enjoyed the movie when it was released, I’m no longer sure it holds up for me. It’s hard to appreciate it standalone, knowing what happens in the consecutive movies.