Week 2!

For the past days, I noticed a new behavior in my casual phone usage: I was reading comments and @-mentions of everything. Tweets, posts on news.ycombinator, Reddit. I was actively looking for opinions and statements I strongly disagree with. I even went as far as reading r/conservative. I never had the intention or did reply to anything, just reading to feel outraged. This has to be a definition of doom-scrolling. I wasted a lot of spare time that I would have rather used to build.

AirPods Max

A few more words about the AirPods Max as they now accompanied me through the first work week with many Google Meets calls and hours of music listening: They are still everything I wanted them to be! Heads are different but I feel no discomfort wearing them 8+ hours a day. The sound quality is brilliant, the OS integration is way snappier compared to my AirPods 2nd Gen. The noise cancellation is pleasant, and switching to transparency mode is a joy.

The case is annoying, yes. I still put them inside every night to trigger the low energy standby, even though the real benefits of doing this are not that clear. Sooner or later I plan to replace it with a 3rd party alternative but I’m not planning to spend 100 bucks on it.

I’m slightly worried about the longevity of the headband mesh but we have to wait and see.

So far not a single regret, would buy again.


The developers behind Zola, my favorite static site generator in Rust, released v0.13.0. It includes YAML frontmatter support and therefore brings compatibility with content written for other systems, including Jekyll. This site runs on Jekyll and I’m now actively working on migrating it to Zola. I’m also using Zola in my mywe.blog project (more on that in the coming weeks) and already switched to YAML frontmatter. The content you create should always be easy to migrate.


I rewatched Arrival after seeing it at the cinema in 2016. It holds up as one of my all-time favorite movies. I noticed two things:

The song “On the Nature of Daylight” by Max Richter is used beautifully. I’m a big Max Richter fan after discovering him at the end of last year but never connected him to Arrival.

Seeing the global news coverage of the event in the movie reminded me about the covid pandemic. I think besides 9/11, covid is the only true second global event in my lifetime. The landing of friendly heptapods would be the third, for sure.


I bought my AirPods Max from a German electronics store chain as they were back-ordered everywhere else for months. For some reason, they included another 3 month trial of Apple Music. As we have been a Spotify family for years, I’m giving Apple Music another try. So far the recommendations are on point and I already have discovered many new artists and albums. I’m impressed and plan to revisit this topic in the coming weeks.

Until then!