Weekly recap format, let‘s go! I tried it before; end of 2017 / beginning of 2018. More or less a lifetime ago, counting in recent events. I loved writing these posts as they focused on things I did, learned, and enjoyed over the course of a week. Easy! Even now, I still use them as a reference for when I purchased an App or discovered a music artist. I also plan to cross-post these reviews to [Substack](https://hartlco.substack.com(, just for understanding purposes.

Upcoming topics

Thoughts on Apple and software development, coffee, music, books, cars, things I like! I also want to highlight what I‘m currently working on, either in my jobby-job or spare time.

Mini Topic - AirPods Max

I didn‘t write anything for the first week, just a few lines about the AirPods Max I bought on Saturday.

The AirPods Max intrigued me the moment they were announced. I know the pricing and the case are ridiculous but they are still coming at a perfect time for me. I don‘t enjoy wearing big over-ear headphones when I‘m out. I feel isolated from the outside world. AirPods are perfect for this use case, easy to pop in and out, comparably subtle. But guess who is not spending much time outside these days?… I also used my AirPods a ton at home. Podcasts, Music, Google Meet/Zoom calls. Constantly switching between my Mac, iPad, and iPhone, rotating 2 pairs to charge them. Sometimes wearing them for 10 hours a day. Even though I don‘t mind having something stuck inside my ear canal, it starts becoming uncomfortable after a few hours. AirPods Max promise to solve the battery and comfort issues while keeping the effortless device switching and tight OS integration. For now, I just used them for a few hours to listen to music/podcasts and watch a few videos. This week will be the first work test. I plan to cover the AirPods Max in detail in an upcoming post.

See you in a week.