I was lucky enough to receive a new 2019 MacBook Pro 16” from work as a replacement for my 2016 MacBook Pro 15” (featuring a broken E, G, CMD and, space key).

First impressions:


Love it. Initially, I didn’t hate the butterfly keys, but having unreliable keys changed this instantly. The new keyboard feels firmer and more precise than the Magic Keyboard and I hope it gets updated in the future as well. Big thumbs up for the inverted-T arrow keys. I don’t care about the return of the ESC key as caps-lock is my ESC for years now.


I was expecting a bigger perceived difference, I only notice it in direct comparison.

Size and weight

Same deal as with the screen. I was afraid of the size and weight gain but it’s a non-issue. I still would like to see a 14” model in the future.

I’m just so happy to be able to type again.